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Denis Dobrovoda - Oscar-qualified Film Director

The Cathedral (produced and directed by Denis Dobrovoda, 2022)

Starting from 1961, Justo Gallego spent over 60 years building a cathedral the size of the Sagrada Familia using waste and recycled materials in Mejorada del Campo, Spain. Now nearing the end of his life and lacking in strength to continue the building, he has to confront the fact that his illegal cathedral might be demolished. The Cathedral is an Oscar-qualified feature documentary and the winner of the Best Film Award at the 62nd Krakow Film Festival.

They Never Came Back (directed by Denis Dobrovoda, 2021)

A TV documentary about the astonishing Holocaust survival story of Gerta Vrbova - and her relationship with the first two escapees from Auschwitz, whose reporting saved thousands of people from dying in Nazi concentration camps.

It was made with the support of the National Holocaust Museum in Slovakia and was broadcast on RTVS.

Savage (written and directed by Denis Dobrovoda, 2019)
A young African man is brought over to London by an unscrupulous explorer to serve as an exhibit in a museum. He has to endure endless humiliation in the hands of his captors, including a respected anthropologist, and the museum visitors, who don't consider him human. Can his personal revolt against his oppressors succeed?

Savage won a number of festival awards and was purchased for broadcast on the BBC.

Apparition (written and directed by Denis Dobrovoda, 2016)
A lonely bank clerk discovers a mysterious stain on his bedroom wall, which the local religious community considers to be an apparition of the Virgin Mary. His life turns upside down as he is forced to open his doors to believers of all kinds, who search for higher meaning in the alleged apparition.

Apparition was purchased for broadcast on ShortsTV.

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